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Best Juicer in India

After putting hours of research, comparing various models and juicing it, the best juicers in India are: Philips Viva HR 1863 – Centrifugal Juicer Hurom HH Elite – Slow Juicer Sujata Powematic Plus – Budget Centrifugal juicer Panasonic MJ L1500 –  Sl...[Read More]

Best Mixer Grinder in India

Mixer grinder is the most commonly used appliances in all the Indian homes. It is used for performing the daily used application like grinding spices, coffee, rice, dal, masala, chutney etc. So, for a product which is used so many times, long life an...[Read More]

Best rice cooker in India

Cooking rice is not so difficult but to ensure that rice doesn’t get overcooked or under-cooked takes effort, time and comes with experience. With electric rice cooker, this all is set to change. The electric rice cooker is quiet and so simple that i...[Read More]

Best air cooler in India

Its summer and we all have a choice to make between air-conditioner or best air cooler in India. There are pros and cons in both the choice and most of us prefer air cooler due to less power consumption i.e, less electricity bill. The savings in term...[Read More]

Sujata Dynamix mixer grinder Review

Sujata is a well-known Indian brand commercially. It makes only few appliances and is best for its juicers & mixer, grinder. You will love using its product because of the superior performance of its motor, long life and the pricing of it. When i...[Read More]

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